Ben-Hur Eat Your Heart Out

Another quality Buster Keaton film. It is composed of three intercut sequences taking place in the Stone Age, Roman Times, and Modern Times. In each one Buster is trying to get the girl and being shot down by his rival. Harold Lloyd put women on a pedestal, Chaplin treated them with love, but Keaton would grab ’em and throw them over his shoulder or…

Drag ‘Em By The Hair

One of my favorite scenes is the one pictured at the top. He goes into a chariot race with a dog sled and a spare dog in the box at the back of the sled. When one of the dogs gets hurt, he swaps out the dog for the spare. When somebody throws a black cat into the way to distract the dogs, he grabs it, ties it to a long stick, and uses it to motivate the dogs. I am an animal lover, but I couldn’t help but laugh.

Dragged By Elephant…I Mean Woolly Mammoth, The Only Way To Travel

I recommend it.