Talent Agent Danny Rose (Woody Allen) and a Client

The film begins with a bunch of comedians eating at the Carnegie Delicatessen/Restaurant sharing stories about a talent agent named Broadway Danny Rose. This guy handled all sorts of acts. He managed a parakeet who sings “I Gotta Be Me”. However, whenever one of his clients hit it big, they left him. After a couple of short stories about Danny, one of the comedians launches into what he promises to be the best Danny Rose story.

The story starts with Danny beginning to manage a nightclub singer named Lou Canova who likes a girl named Tina Vitale (Mia Farrow). He sends her one white rose every day. Unfortunately, he also has a wife. He gets Danny to act as a beard so that the wife won’t catch on. But when the singer and Tina have a fight, she goes back to her mob friends and this soon sends her and Danny through a series of comedic events.

By the end, it takes a serious turn as Danny becomes more like a person than just a source of jokes. While we feel for him, it comes a little late. The jokes are hilarious, the premise great, and Mia Farrow is so in character you won’t recognize her, but it’s only worth a look.