Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) Feeling The Queen’s (Helen Mirren) Tits

The latest Harry Potter film is introducing people to ellipsis and rehashing both Excalibur and The Lord Of The Rings in theaters right now. I saw it today and despite a few complaints, it’s quite good. I figured what better time than to look back at when Dumbledore was the gluttonous and vicious restaurant owner Albert Spica.

Albert Spica owns a restaurant where he eats only in the short periods between vulgar speeches, abuse of others, and outright rape of his wife Georgina. As the title suggests, there are four main players. We hardly see The Cook except for an important scene at the end of the film, yet his purpose is to satisfy the culinary desires of the patrons. The Thief is Albert and The Wife is Georgina. The Lover is a very quiet, well read man, who rather innocently draws her attention away from Albert. He is an object of desire for Georgina while Albert desires is to control the desires of all others and satiate his at a moments notice. Hence, conflict between the Thief, the Wife, and the Lover.

This exploration of the control of desires takes place in a handful of sets that are pretty much color-coordinated as if they were tinted in a silent movie:

The Red Room

The White Room

The Clockwork Orange Room

The Green Room/Kitchen

The ending is quite satisfying and the film is not for the faint of heart. I recommend it.