After making this film, director Louis Malle made an adventure comedy called Viva Maria! (1965) with Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau to work the sadness out of his system. I watched How To Train Your Dragon, but I still want to keep this review short. The film begins with a man who lives in a detox clinic, but clearly has problems that run deeper than just whether he drinks or not. From the get go, it’s pretty clear that he is going to kill himself.

The doctor running the clinic tries to encourage him to return to New York to restart his life and misses the obvious signs–like a gun in his room. The man proceeds to visit all the old places and people either to say goodbye or reinforce his decision–no matter how much some of those people try to help.

It’s sad, in black and white, and has no twist. I have never known anyone before a suicide attempt, but I have known several shortly afterwords. This is a good movie. I doubt I will be able to watch it again. Still, I have to recommend it.