Professor Julius Kelp (Jerry Lewis)

Having only been exposed to Jerry Lewis through Scorsese’s The King Of Comedy and an episode of Mad About You, I didn’t expect to like this movie. However, while I don’t see the comic genius that others see; I did enjoy it. The movie is about a professor who makes up for his looks with his brains, but the professor has trouble seeing it that way. He gets horny for one of his students named Stella Purdy, pisses off a jock, and gets a beat down, ending up in the position pictured above.

Stella Purdy (Stella Stevens) As Seen From The Cabinet

So being a professor in chemistry, he concocts a potion that will turn him into a ladies man. Unfortunately for him, it turns him into an arrogant prick named Buddy Love, which might have been enough for the other girls in his class, but Stella doesn’t really warm up to him. Like heroin, the first transformation is the easiest, but each subsequent transformation take more and more of the potion.

Buddy Love (Jerry Lewis)

At times the film reminded me Jacques Tati even though their comedic styles are very different. I see a similarity in terms of Lewis’ tight control over the film, especially the set design and use of color.

Lewis treads a fine line between funny and unbearably annoying. He may cross that line in other films, but he didn’t cross it here. At least that’s my opinion, so I recommend it.