Archibaldo De La Cruz (Ernesto Alonso)

As a child during the Mexican Revolution, Archie was given a music box by his mother, but shortly after receiving it his governess was shot through the window by a stray bullet. Instead of being horrified, he was aroused and the sound of the music box would trigger a desire to murder women for the rest of his life.

Being from Mexico in the 1950’s with this kind of material, it should come as no surprise that this is a Luis Buñuel film. It is told mostly in flashback as Archie recounts his supposed crimes that consist of his perverse need to murder women who resemble his governess.

My favorite part is when he finds a woman who is a tour guide for Yankees who believe anything she tells them about Mexico. She modeled for a mannequin and Archie buys one along with clothes to fit it. He then has her over with the ultimate plan to cremate her alive.

There isn’t much else to mention except that being from Buñuel, it has it’s surreal moments and takes some pot shots at religion and state. An example being when he has his fiancee, whom he knows is cheating on him, pray to the Virgin Mary in her white wedding gown on her knees.

The one caveat of this film is that the ending can feel disappointing unless you think of it not as an end to Archie’s obsession, but as a true beginning. If you look at it that way, than I recommend this perverse little gem.