Napoleon Has Arrived

This is easily the weakest part of the film. Everything up until about 40 minutes of the 70 minute part is like twilight and filled with the stench of death on Russia. Napoleon is coming for his prize while the Russians send a practically blind and senile general to lead the Russian forces to their death. Then the battle begins and it’s really the centerpiece.

Pierre Bezukhov (Sergei Bondarchuk) comes down to the battlefield at Borodino to take part, but instead becomes like Martin Sheen’s character in Apocalypse Now, wandering about the horror without really being an active participant.

Pierre Bezukhov (Sergei Bondarchuk)

During the massacre, the general is told things are going wrong, but he refuses to accept it and the bodies keep piling up. The battlefield scenes throughout the film are in classic Soviet style with the focus being the masses rather than any individuals. Also in classic Soviet style, the masses are slaughtered by an evil man, but like any good silent Cossack kill fest, the Russians will rise again! To borrow from the dramatic language at the end, they will make Napoleon pay for his crimes in part four.

The weakest part of the film so far, but it would be amazing to see this in IMAX or in my local dome theater. Oh well, onward to part four.