With Points Like That, She Won't Be One For Long!

I know, how can I be saying that this sexploitation film is worth a look. It’s just a clothesline to hang sequences of scantily clad women and sexually humorous encounters with men upon. Call me ignorant, but despite coming out in 1953, it plays exactly like most soft-core porn you expect to find late-night on Skinimax…sorry Cinemax. The only difference is that they go that next step and have sex whereas this film stops short at voyeurism. The rest of the formula is there. It’s about a woman who comes out to Hollywood to write a column for her paper back home. She quickly stumbles upon a sexy photo shoot and soon is in the biz herself.

The Photo Shoot


The "Indian" Pose

She is still writing the articles and sending them back home, but now she seems to go into any business or situation that could be sexually humorous or enticing. My personal favorite is the distinguished actor who wants to show her how he had to whip a fellow actress onscreen.

I Whipped Her Just Like This!

She compares legs with a female impersonator, gets in a cat fight, and lets us peep at her fellow models.

You Must Be European, Right?

That's My Lingerie!

Who Needs Faces, When There Are Legs A Plenty!

Almost Laying It Bare For All To See

It’s pretty stupid, kinda fun, and a bit of a prototype for modern soft-core porn. At least, it knows that when you are making a sex film for the heterosexual man, you marginalize or leave men out all together. So much of the porn for them shows nothing but penises. It’s worse than a western pretending there is no homosexuality present. For those things, it is a borderline worth a look.