It’s never a good a sign when the director of a big blockbuster superhero film is more interesting to look up on IMDb than the film is to watch. Director Martin Campbell started by making British porn, then went into television and made the cult classic Cast A Deadly Spell (1991). Successfully re-launched the Bond franchise twice! Did the same for Zorro! Maybe they thought he could do the same for another hero. Either that or Green Lantern had the same kind of mask as the lady in his first film The Sex Thief. Whatever the reason, the film is a flop. I never read the comic books so I can’t speak as to it’s faithfulness to the material. The movie gives us the impression that the backdrop for Green Lantern’s superheroing is the entire universe, yet the film comes up with a ridiculous plot to drag the most abstract of battles from the cosmos to a single city on Earth. The actors are not worth mentioning because they are dwarfed by the endless special effects and are reduced to speeches if they are men and standing around looking pretty if they are women. I came down hard on the Captain America movie, but I should have saved it for this film. Instead, I am left saying, did anyone think this was going to be good? I believe that if they were willing to try Thor, Captain America, and Green Lantern, then let’s take a crack at Aquaman.