Yves Montand can be funny, even goofy. He always plays the romantic lead or the tragic hero, but here we finally get to see him act like a fool. Montand plays a bank robber who gets stranded at an out of the way hotel run by four women and a man. By stranded, I mean one of the women is dangling sex in front of the gas station attendant to sabotage cars and thus bring in customers to the hotel. The mechanic will say he needs to check their oil and then it’s a snip here and a snip there to bring the car to it’s hubcaps. Then he kindly takes them to the nearby hotel in hopes of getting some action with the youngest of the women.

The movie spends it’s time teasing us with sexual encounters, much like the poor gas station mechanic. The hotel owners try to separate Montand from his recently liberated money and that includes several murder attempts. It drags at times, but is still good enough for some hearty belly laughs. In particular, when Montand does a comedy routine. I had no idea that he could be so funny. He’s not the Cary Grant type. He’s almost vulgar or sleazy in this, but doesn’t really do anything nasty. Being French and from the 1960’s, you can also expect it to have a playful quality.

It’s a fun, middle of the road, French, sex comedy with a little attempted murder thrown in for laughs. That makes it worth a look.