When I moved from Blogger to WordPress.com I used their import tool to bring over my posts. It did an ok job, but there are little issues here and there. I have been spot cleaning posts over the past week, but it’s having unforeseen consequences. Now my RSS Feed is pushing old posts to the front with the old publishing date. Thus, my site with a new post is sent to the bottom of a blogroll. Don’t know how to fix that except to stop fixing old posts. Oh, well.

Last night Page from My Love Of Old Hollywood came to me on Twitter and made it clear that I will be participating in the upcoming Six Degrees game for classic film. I have now posted the logo on my home page and will be playing the game.

Me to Buster Keaton: My great-grandmother’s cousin was Josephine Chippo who was a script girl on The Pagan with Ramon Novarro who was in The Flying Fleet with Anita Page who was in Free and Easy with Buster Keaton.

Happy Thanksgiving!