Brigitte Bardot, The Dog, and The Boy Toy

Having watched Les Femmes (1969) and Love On A Pillow (1962) recently, I was optimistic that this film couldn’t possibly be another bad Bardot film. I was wrong. It’s practically the same movie as Love On A Pillow. Bardot leaves her lover to go on a trip, meets a man who latches onto her, and the two of them have an unhealthy relationship. Why do they even have to try and be high brow with these Bardot films? If the only reason you offer up to see the movie is Bardot’s obvious assets, than make it sexy fun time with Bardot. Instead, we get a little teasing and a lots of what amounts to a series of high fashion photographs. In other words, vacuous posing of Bardot in beautiful and/or exotic settings. There is only one scene that delivers, that’s when the boy toy forces Bardot to drink milk from a bottle while she is tied up. It’s over too soon and doesn’t make up for the rest of the film. Here are a few nice shots from the film.

Like in Love On A Pillow, The Brunette Has Fun With Bardot

Three Knights and Faux Liz Taylor Scene

Dog Looking Up Bardot's Dress

Lucky Dog!

Bardot Told Him She Doesn't Like Milk...Men!

Once again it’s a Bardot film not worth anyone’s time. I am beginning to doubt that even her breakout film …And God Created Woman (1956) will be any good.