I must post about some changes I need to make to the site. Otherwise I will keep putting it off. When I moved from Blogger to WordPress.com I brought with me about 650 posts. On Blogger I had four convenience methods for accessing older material. The first was by my verdict. Whether I gave it a “Highly Recommended” or one of the other four possibilities, you could click the corresponding link and get all the reviews that reached that recommendation. The second was a nice condensed listing of countries. If a film was from the US than you could reach it from that link. If a film was an international co-production, than you could reach it from any one of the countries that participated in it’s production. I obtain the information from IMDb. Blogger arranged the names of the countries in a nice “cloud” with the size of the link indicating the number of posts that could be found underneath it. The third was a listing of directors that ran the length of the left side of the site. There used to be a little number next to the link to indicate how many posts were associated with the director. The fourth was created using LinkWithin to provide links to posts that are similar to whatever is currently being viewed.

WordPress.com doesn’t offer anything comparable with LinkWithin so that option is out. I recreated the list of the directors on the side of my blog with some help from the people at WordPress. It became unwieldy and I moved it to it’s own page. The last two sit on the side of my blog as lists of links. I think it’s time I collapsed them all into their own series of pages. I will keep the five links that let you view the posts by verdict on the front page. But that list will be duplicated on it’s own page. Doing it this way allows me to add some explanations and pictures of what the lists represent. For example, include images of Bicycle Thieves, A Bullet For The General, and Cario Dario inline with the link to Italian films. Of course, clicking on the image would take you to the post that it represents. Another idea would be to include pictures that link to canonical examples of what I consider to be a “Highly Recommended” or an “Approach With Caution” review. What would be ideal would be to have these pages auto-update. Unfortunately, WordPress.com doesn’t let you get under the hood at all. I know it’s a free service, but I also have some experience with their pay version WordPress.org. They tie you to a very rigid structure or throw you into the deep end. There isn’t a good middle ground. I don’t want to move back to Blogger. I will make due.

The main mission of this blog is to see all 1000 films on They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? Top 1000. I provide links to my icheckmovies page, which has that list and what films I have seen from it. However, I am beginning to think that a page with a list of the films from the list, past and present, could be useful for visitors. As convenient as icheckmovies.com is, clicking on the link takes you out of my site to a different experience. I would still offer that link because of everything else it provides, but a special page would help to keep visitors within the blog and create a useful index. An issue with doing this is that many of my earlier reviews are nothing more than a photo and a verdict. Occasionally only a verdict. I started this journey having seen a little more than half of the films on the list. This means that a lot of the them haven’t been reviewed. There may be no good solution here short of making a list of the reviews that apply to the list and being done with it. After all, I only have 62 left.

The 100 Important Films To Me series I started a few months ago is a simple matter. A page devoted to it makes perfect sense. A list with the films, maybe a screenshot, and a sentence or two summarizing why it’s important to me.

The Groups page should go away. That information can be displayed on the front page or in the About page. I’m leaning towards the About page because I still want to keep the site as clean as possible.

That’s where things stand for the moment. Any feedback on what I am planning or any ideas of your own are greatly appreciated. I will not start making any changes for a few days.

This post has been too serious and without pictures. I can’t change the first, but I can throw up a couple pictures of my dog caught mid-yawn and normal. Her name is Mandy.

Mandy Mid-Yawn

Mandy Normal