As some who follow me on Twitter already know, tomorrow, the 31st of December, will mark three years of blogging about film on I Shoot The Pictures. I do intend to commemorate the event with a post based on some ideas culled from Twitter. However, it is very doubtful that it will be ready tomorrow. I have been sick lately and trying to spend what time I have with my family.

I plan to talk about the best, worst, and gems I have encountered over the past three years. My usual sense of humor will be present. I also intend to look back at the history of the blog and the experience it has been for me. This includes films I did not blog about but watched during the past three years. That means expect me to talk about Debbie Does Dallas. I will also try to pass any “wisdom” I might have acquired such as why the word “old” should never be used when discussing film.

Thank you for your understanding.