Since Deanna Durbin isn’t dead yet, I know she can’t spin in her grave. However, I am sure that after she passes away, she will spin every time someone watches this phenomenally awful film. She chases a man during the Gold Rush, sings along the way, falls for another man, and into some mud. I won’t dignify the film with further summary.

Deanna Durbin Dunking Her New Love

Deanna Durbin is a good singer and more importantly, a fine comedic actress. This movie surrounds her with second rate actors and a piss poor script. The only thing memorable is the scene pictured above of her shoving a man’s head into a river with her foot. There is one sequence that seems to foreshadow The Sound Of Music (1965) with Deanna in the hills singing. In reality, it only serves to remind us of why that movie was so wonderful. Before musicals like that one, they had no idea what they were doing as evidenced by this cow dung captured on celluloid.

This was the first Deanna Durbin film that I can say was truly a punishment to watch. Do I have to say that I don’t recommend it? Remember, she may not be dead, but I am sure that a little part of Deanna Durbin aches anytime this film is watched. Be a good person and don’t hurt her.